IAAC - Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia - Barcelona

Intelligent Cities

The Valldaura Self-sufficient Labs are currently being used as a testbed for further research and development on Self Sufficiency, Internet of Energy, Internet of Water and Digital Fabrication. Among these, Energrid.


Energrid project aims to develop a distributed infrastructure for buildings energy management. The project is funded by Endesa and developed by IAAC in partnership with i2Cat Foundation. Energrid integrates an ecosystem of wireless intelligent plugs, sensors and energy generation systems on a single platform allowing to create logistics that manage buildings energy consumption, generation and storage.


Valldaura is the main laboratory where the Energrid project is currently being tested in order to become a showroom of the technology.

Each building energy consumption point is equipped with an intelligent node capable of measuring and actuating. Buildings are linked to an electrical network and are able to produce, consume and store energy while sharing it with the other buildings.