IAAC - Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia - Barcelona

Why study at IAAC?

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  • Because you will share this life changing experience with a community of extraordinary students and staff from more than 70 different countries.
  • Because you will master the latest tools and technologies learning with the best academics, researchers and professionals in their sectors.
  • Because 70{d857388f21b456b5950843ccf3ce3afcfd8f254def444a67f9da77e83e0d77e9} of IAAC Alumni find a job after just 6 months of completing the Master program, and 90{d857388f21b456b5950843ccf3ce3afcfd8f254def444a67f9da77e83e0d77e9} within one year.
  • Because you will discover Barcelona, one of the best cities in the world and the one who is setting the trends in design, architecture and urban sciences.
  • Because you will become part of a consolidated a network of people – alumni, researchers and faculty – who will be your family, your business partners, and will shape the future hand in hand with you.
  • Because you will have access to one of the most equipped laboratories of digital fabrication in the EU, the Fab Lab Barcelona, and you will learn how to work with digital fabrication in an academic environment with the highest ratio of students per machine (5 to 1).