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Fab Academy

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The Fab Academy Diploma consists of a 6-month part-time student commitment, from January to June each year.

The Academy course is open to any type of professional, student or creative individual willing to learn. Over the years, the academy has been attended by engineers, designers, musicians, computer scientists, artists, and people from many more backgrounds. The course is unconventional in the sense that it caters to a wide diversity of interests and abilities. One does not have to have a formal background in any of the subjects covered. The possibilities of digital fabrication are limitless, all that is required is the dedication to learn.

Thanks to the open course orientation, each participant can create their own trajectory and learning process within the academy, as well as adapt the final project to their own needs and experience. The versatility of the program shows in the diversity of topics and projects presented annually by students.

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Students at the Fab Academy learn:

How It Works

Fab Academy offers a unique and collaborative learning experience. The Fab Lab provides the space, inventory and machines for students to pursue their own project goals while participating in an interactive global classroom where they can share their progress, ideas, problems and solutions. Fab Academy teaches a “learning to learn” approach, where students share methods and best practices in an open-source and collaborative environment.

Students are supported by local instructors who guide students in the various assignments and topics covered. Every week is introduced via an interactive video stream guided by Neil Gershenfeld, where students share their progress, ask questions and receive feedback. The course is complimented by a series of live recitations each week from experts and professionals from various fields, all who are using digital fabrication to innovate in new and exciting ways.

The course is divided into a 20 week programme, with each week or two covering a different technology and skill. There is no global accreditation for these skills. Instead, each student builds an individual web portfolio to document their progress, trials and errors; integrating what they have learnt into a final project that gets evaluated together with their overall progress in the course.

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