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Master in Advanced Interaction Scholarships:


MAI offers 3 partial scholarships covering 50{d857388f21b456b5950843ccf3ce3afcfd8f254def444a67f9da77e83e0d77e9}, 30{d857388f21b456b5950843ccf3ce3afcfd8f254def444a67f9da77e83e0d77e9}, 20{d857388f21b456b5950843ccf3ce3afcfd8f254def444a67f9da77e83e0d77e9} for the tuition fee of the Master in Advanced Interaction – Academic year 2018. Please read the competition outlines and terms & conditions below. The awards will be given to the top 3 contestants respectively.


Augmented Senses: Enhancing human capacity for empathetic exchange with nature.

We progress towards technological advances which aim to make our lives better, and our experience on this planet more meaningful. Still, the further we advance, the more it seems we lose touch with our place in this ecosystem. Can these same self-serving technological advances be used to enhance our understanding of the environmental dynamics around us? Pioneering advances in science, engineering, and art have created technology that can reveal how the things in the world around us feel, giving us a gateway to interact in novel ways with nature.

This brief seeks proposals for systems and their related consequences which augment our senses or give us new senses by which we can experience reality. Such systems could also be considered to give senses to otherwise inanimate objects or beings.


Format – PDF file, A3 format, 3 pages max (max10MB)

Deadline – 16/03/2018 – 23:59 (CET)

Submission link – Please submit your proposal here


  • All the material must be the result of an unpublished work developed entirely by the candidate, not to be used on other previous occasions – plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is entitled not to award the scholarship if the projects do not meet the standards set by the institution to be defined by the jury.
  • If awarded, the scholarship cannot be combined with other economic reductions.
  • Scholarships are to be deducted from total tuition fee balance.
  • Unclaimed scholarships could be transferred to the next candidate in the ranking list.
  • Winners accept part of their work/photo to be published on IAAC’s social media channels.

*Please note that in order for your scholarship application to be considered as valid, you must also apply through IAAC’s regular application process in following the instruction described in this link. If you have already applied then send an email to the Applications Coordinator ([email protected]) to communicate that you are also applying for a scholarship.


The Jury will be integrated by master programme Directors, faculty, special guests and professionals coming from the different fields related to the topics of the competition.


The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia will release the name of the winners on its official website and Facebook page on March 23, 2018.

Master Diploma issued by:

Collaborator of IAAC


EDITION: 2nd edition

DIRECTOR: Luis Fraguada

DEGREE: Master in Advanced Interaction accredited by School of Professional and Executive Development at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) – European Higher Education Area (EHEA)


DURATION: 9 months – From October to June – Full Time



Non EU 18,750 €

EU 13,125 €

ADMISSION: Bachelor or higher degree from Art, Design, Architecture, other related professions.