IAAC - Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia - Barcelona


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Master in Design for Emerging Futures – Partners:

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is a centre for research, education, production and outreach, with the mission of envisioning the future habitat of our society and building it in the present. IAAC follows the digital revolution at all scales (from bits to geography, from micro-controllers to cities, from materials to the territory) to expand the boundaries of architecture and design and meet the challenges faced by humanity. IAAC is an experimental and experiential centre where one learns by doing, through a test methodology that promotes real solutions. IAAC is open, independent and radical; inspired by the values of Barcelona, the capital of architecture and design, where urbanism was invented and where a local high quality and innovation-oriented research is connected to an international network of excellence in technology, design and society fields.


Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering promotes education, knowledge, research, development and innovation in the fields of design and engineering in industrial design while training the students to encompass professional challenges in an international context, promoting the relationship among our community and businesses, institutions and society. ELISAVA delves into practical work and stimulates critical reflection among its students so they finish their studies with the ability to answer the needs of an evolving society. Inspiring, multidisciplinary, knowledge-generator and trendsetter, our centre trains professionals who will challenge the future.

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Fab Academy is a distributed educational programme that offers a unique and collaborative learning experience. Each participating Fab Lab provides the space, inventory and machines for students to pursue their own project goals while interacting in a global classroom where they can share their progress, ideas, problems and solutions. Fab Academy teaches a “learning to learn” approach, where students share methods and best practices in an open-source and collaborative environment. During this 5-month programme, students are supported by local instructors who guide students in the various assignments and topics covered each week. Every week is introduced via an interactive video stream guided by Neil Gershenfeld, Director of the MIT’s CBA. At its core, Fab Academy empowers students to learn by doing, inspires them to make stuff locally and to become active participants in sustainable cities and communities.


Ideas for Change is a consulting and research company that works in the fields of impact innovation, business strategy and user design. We have pioneered research on open strategies and exponential growth and consulted for big, medium and small size clients looking to transition to more contributive and open strategies while sustaining competitiveness and a strong position in their markets. Our in-house innovation projects have been awarded and also adapted to drive innovation worldwide.