IAAC - Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia - Barcelona


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  • Tomas Diez, Director – Design Studio leader – urban design and digital fabrication
  • Oscar Tomico, Co-director – Design Studio leader – design engineering and integrated products


  • Mara Balestrini, Design Studio leader – New business models, user engagement, HCI
  • Guillem Camprodon, Computer science, tools and platforms
  • Massimo Menichinelli, Open source design and P2P platforms
  • Ingi Freyr Guðjónsson, Product design and digital fabrication
  • Anastasia Pistofidou, Materials and embedded technologies
  • Jonathan Minchin, Synthetic biology, sustainability
  • Ramon Sangüesa, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Ignasi Alcalde, Open Data and Data Storytelling
  • Xavier Tutó, Generative design and digital fabrication
  • Xavier Dominguez, tutor in Fab Academy
  • Santi Fuentemilla, tutor in Fab Academy

Special Faculty & Advisors:

  • Neil Gershenfeld, Director of the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT (Fab Academy programme)
  • Mette Bak Andersen, Material Design Lab at KEA
  • Indy Johar, Founder of Dark Matter Labs
  • Primavera de Filippi, CRNS – France

Guest Faculty:

  • James Tooze, Royal College of Arts and Design
  • Liz Corbin, Institute of Making, UCL
  • Usman Haque, Umbrellium
  • Jose Luis de Vicente, Sonar +D


  • Chiara Dall’Olio. MDEF Coordinator
  • Luciana Asinari. FabLab Barcelona Coordinator
  • Marcel Tkocz. Financial strategy
  • Matias Verderau. Communication strategy