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Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings Scholarships


MAEB offers 3 partial scholarships covering 50{d857388f21b456b5950843ccf3ce3afcfd8f254def444a67f9da77e83e0d77e9}, 30{d857388f21b456b5950843ccf3ce3afcfd8f254def444a67f9da77e83e0d77e9}, 20{d857388f21b456b5950843ccf3ce3afcfd8f254def444a67f9da77e83e0d77e9} for the tuition fee of the immersive Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings. Please read the competition outlines and terms & conditions below. The awards will be given to the top 3 contestants respectively.


Society is facing unprecedented challenges. The increasing concern over whether we will be able to reach the objectives of the Paris Agreement COP21 calls for a change in the way think, act and build.

We want you to do exactly that, think and build in a different way and share your idea of the house of the future with us. How is architecture going to help create a better future, a more sustainable and self-sufficient one? We don’t expect you to actually build something -just yet- but we do want to see the passion behind your ideas and plans, we want to see the way you draw and the added value you would bring to this master programme in Advanced Ecological Buildings.


Format – PDF file, A3 format, 3 pages max (max10MB)

Deadline – to be announced

Submission linkto be announced


  • All the material must be result of an unpublished work developed entirely by the candidate, not to be used in other previous occasions – plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is entitled not to award the scholarship if the projects do not meet the standards set by the institution to be defined by the jury.
  • If awarded, the scholarship cannot be combined with other economic reductions.
  • Scholarships are to be deducted from total tuition fee balance.
  • Unclaimed scholarships could be transferred to the next candidate in the ranking list.
  • Winners accept part of their work/photo to be published on IAAC’s social media channels.

*Please note that in order for your scholarship application to be considered as valid, you must also apply through IAAC’s regular application process in following the instruction described in this link. If you have already applied then send an email to the Applications Coordinator ([email protected]) to communicate that you are also applying for a scholarship.


The Jury will be integrated by master programme Directors, faculty, special guests and professionals coming from the different fields related to the topics of the competition.


The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia will release the name of the winners on its official website and Facebook page.

Master Diploma issued by:

Collaborator of IAAC


EDITION: 1st edition

DIRECTOR: Daniel Ibañez & Vicente Guallart

DEGREE: Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings


DURATION: 12 months – From September 2019 to August 2020

MODALITY:  Immersive and full time


LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain.


Non-EU: 19.250€

EU: 15.400€


Option 1: 350€/month  – Shared double room with bathroom

Option 2: 250€/month – Attic with shared rooms and bathrooms

ADMISSION: Architecture, Engineering, Design, Bachelor or higher degree from other related professions