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Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings Accommodation:

Valldaura offers two different accommodation formats for a total of 23 students:

  1. Shared double room with individual shower and toilet for 350 €/month per person – (10 beds)
  2. Attic with shared rooms and bathrooms for 250 €/month – (13 beds) 

The programme is conceived to be an immersive experience. However, students can decide whether to live in Valldaura Self-Sufficient Labs or in Barcelona itself. Distance from the closest metro station to Valldaura Labs is 10 minutes by car or motorbike, 25 minutes by bike and 45 minutes walking.

Food is not included in the tuition fees. Students will have access to a common kitchen and will be organising a shared meal service.

Option 1:

Shared double room with bathroom – (5 rooms available)

  • 350€/month
  • Food not included

Option 2:

Attic with shared rooms and bathrooms – (13 beds available)

  • 250€/month
  • Food not included
Master Diploma issued by:

Collaborator of IAAC


EDITION: 1st edition

DIRECTOR: Daniel Ibañez & Vicente Guallart

DEGREE: Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings


DURATION: 12 months – From September 2019 to August 2020

MODALITY:  Immersive and full time


LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain.


Non-EU: 19.250€

EU: 15.400€


Option 1: 350€/month  – Shared double room with bathroom

Option 2: 250€/month – Attic with shared rooms and bathrooms

ADMISSION: Architecture, Engineering, Design, Bachelor or higher degree from other related professions.